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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

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CoinDrip- Win up to 0.025 BTC in a single roll [including payment proof ]

COINDRIP is a new crypto currency faucet website that award you bitcoin each time you perform a task.
You can earn btc from COINDRIP in five ways.
•Bitcoin Faucet
•Satoshi snakes
•Roll dice
•Hi-Lo dice

•Bitcoin Faucet: Earn coins by completing a single CAPTCHA . You get 0.000005 BTC [ 500 satoshi] every 120 minutes.

•Satoshi snakes: Play the Satoshi Snakes game and earn some btc coins .

•Roll dice: Roll the dice and earn anything between 0.00000025 BTC and 0.00250000 BTC. You can repeat it once every 60minutes.

•Hi-Lo dice: Hi-Lo is a lottery game you bet with a certain amount of bitcoin, roll the dice and see your money grow.


•Raffle: Win big with coindrip lottery ticket. You play the roll dice game you'll get a certain number of ticket. winners are chosen randomly. Get more tickets to increase your chance of winner.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC

Have earned over $10 at first i thought it's a ponzi scam faucet website until i tried it myself. Fortunately for me won this one from raffle ticket.

here's payment proof

0.00537729 btc sent to my xapo Wallet

SIGN UP HERE. to earn bitcoin
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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Make $20 Daily With shorting links [2016]

I know you familiar with shorten URL. Compressing of long URL to short URL you.
This time you not going to only shorten link you getting paid for it.

WHAT IS SHORTE.ST? Is fast growing and higher paid shorten link website. You get paid anytime your shortened link is clicked. They offer the best payout of any shorten Link website. Traffic coming from the united states could earn you $14.82 CPM ['Cost Per Thousand mille] that's for every 1000 humans that click on your shorten link you would earn $14.82 for USA traffic. See Payout Here


It's simple you don't need to a blog before you make money online with all you need to shorten a link share it and get paid. Suitable for anybody college students, teenagers, work class men and women etc.

Here is how it works

Steps#1:click this link to register SIGNUP HERE

Step#2: Fill out your form and register

Step#3: verify your email and login to your account

Step#4: Paste the link you want to share in thr shorten tool bar. A unique url will be shown to you

Step#5: Share your link to large audience for massive click

I most of you have high social statue online you can earn over $20 daily if you share to massive audience. Via Facebook, twitter,Instagram or any social networking website.


1: Use Shorte Api for automated twitter feed
2: Referral Program
3: Mass shrinking
4: Create a blog
5: Use shorten WordPress plugin
6: Blogger user earn on blogspot comments

All this options are available on your account.. Shorten a link share and get paid


Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer.

Paypal and web money $5
Payoneer $20

If you don't have a Payoneer account signup with my link and get $25



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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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10 Hot Fast Growing Small Business Market To Venture Into In Nigeria.

If you looking for a small scale business to start up here in Nigeria this post is for you. With the current hardship Nigerian's are facing now. Why wait for the government to start something for you or hoping on someone to give you a capital that's what i call LAZY. If you have no capital find something legit [HUSTLE] to do and start your own business. Become an entrepreneur and be your own boss. With your investment into this small scale business you see profit within few months... Here is a list of 10 small scale business to start in Nigeria.


We all know the high rate scarcity of tomatoes into any Nigeria. About 80% of Nigerian are affected by this scarcity while, 20% aren't affected or complaining. Why? Because they have there own tomato farming. Read a post on Nairaland - Tomatoes scarcity individuals were complaining. Some were blaming with the government. Asking the government to help them out. Disappointed about the sudden increase of tomato. Can't cook with tomato. I kept reading was trilled about someone post.... He/she laugh and said why wait for someone to sell tomato fo you when you can start up your own tomato farm at your backyard... Was amazed I notice that individual lack No tomato. He/she has its own tomato farming... I don't know if you've heard of this lady MIRA MEHTA an American & Harvard graduate.

She studied business in school and owns several Acres of Tomato farm in jos. Here company Tomatoes Jos is a fast growing tomato company in Nigeria.

As a smart business graduate she notice the scarcity of tomatoes in Nigeria and invested heavily in it..


According to the The NationOnlineNG Nigeria spends $1.8b yearly on rice importation. That's a lots of money going outside Nigeria. A bag of rice cost over N10,000 you harvesting over 100 bags would give you a profit N1,000,000. What you need to start your own rice farm are... Large capital, swampy land,healthy rice seed and labours.... I"l you brief you in details about Rotimi Williams

He's a 35 years old Entrepreneur Who Owns the 2nd Largest Rice Farm in Nigeria... He currently has 45,000 hectares and employs more than 600 indigenes of Nasarawa. That's quite a lot for an individual. If you want to know more about Rotimi Williams Read The Meet the 35 Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Owns Nigeria’s 2nd Largest Rice Farm


Poultry farming is very profitable the good thing about poultry farming is you can choose from any of this birds turkey, goose,guinea fowl, duck or choose to train all . A crate or egg goes for N700 to N800. To be frank with you there's lost too that depends on how you manage your poultry farming. For starters You can start your own poultry farming with a small capital of N300-500k as time goes on you can expand your poultry business. Here's how to start your own poultry farming.
• 1 plot or 2 plot's of land
•a well built structured poultry house
•go for healthy chick's preferable Layers and Broilers[ 1 chick goes for N200 to N300. N300× 50chicks would be N15,000
• Layer's feed
• A good vet mature chicken are ready to sold within 7months...


This small scale business wouldn't make you rich over night but it's quite profitable. Laundering an average price cost around N300. Price might be different depends on location. If you get an average total shirt of 20 pieces for laundry daily that would be N6,000 a daily . You continue getting 20 pieces of shirt for laundry in ten days would bank you. N60,000 in ten days.. Most white collar graduate don't earn that high monthly.. Here's how to start your own dry cleaning/laundry service.
• A good location
• A place to rent
• A washing machine and dryer
• Some to hire [Laundryman]
• And an advertise to promote your business.


Most big and well known company make millions of naira daily. Packed water commonly known as pure water is one of the most profitable small scale business. Starting this kind of business would definitely cause you Much.


I know the gurus in this business earn 10× more profit. There so many people venturing into restaurant biz. When male does too.. The competitor is high, if you unique and you offer quantity or quality you differentially win over your competitors.


K9 service [dog service, sales of k9 pets is one of the best business to start... Dog's like Rotwailer, GsD,Boer Boel,Pitbull, Tibetan Mastiff, Lhasa Apso. Are one damn expensive dog to buy... Sale of Puppies of this breed dog range from N50,000 above... Most especially Pit bull,[Lhasa Apso- pet dog] ,Tibetan Mastiff you know the rest. How to start your own k9 pet service. Register with a k9 company or government

•Buy healthy dog most especially popular breeds
•buy a well kept house for them
• Feed them
•Mate the females after 2nd heat
•Sell the puppies You could become rich over night... Or got to Nairaland pets sector for more help.


Image credit:
I wouldn't go into full detail on this one. Commercial transportation commonly known as danfo, keke nanap, okoda, taxi etc... This guys earn well daily. Most especially danfo am very certain there daily profit would exceed over N10,000 mostly the one's in Lagos. Even graduate quit there collar jobs for this. I"l take this beauty queen instance.

Image credit: Nairaland
Her Name is Asakpa Aghogho Susan she's is a graduate of Accountancy from the University of Nsukka.[UNN] job hunting prove to be disappointing after graduation. She finally decided to be self-employed. And today she's a cab driver in abuja. At first she got turned but she never gave up...

Image credit: naij

I love her spirit she don't walk to the wrong side or depend on a man to take care of her bills. She wake up anytime she like and zoom off.

read her story on naij


Most people see this animal as dirty. We'll they stink badly lol and its some big in animal farming. A sow can get birth to over 15 piglet. One kg of live pig cost over N300 and they can grow up to over 90kg in size. Do the math yourself. Goto Nairaland pet sector to learn more better still create a trend.


Despite the large numbers of poultry farmers in Nigeria. Nigerians still prefer frozen food. Because, the market is large to venture into and it's affordable.
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Sunday, 19 June 2016

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20 Lucrative Methods to earn Smart Passive income online as a student [ Little or No Funds]

Every college student need to survive in times of hardship. Most campus students are scared of starting a Profitable online money Making job. Be it per time or full-time job. Some believe it's totally waste of time, scam or they have less capital to start.
Have Come up with 20 Lucrative Methods to earn Smart Passive income online as a student [ Little or No Funds]

blogging is #1 on this list everyone own a blog now they all want to start a Profitable blog without proper research. The problem most people have when it comes to blogging is finding a profitable niche.
If you don't understand what a niche mean here is a brief definition
A niche is a specialized but profitable segment of the market. A good niche gets lucrative with 6months or less. Most blogger get confuse on starting a lucrative niche blog.Now Out of 10 blogger's 6 would go for entertainment, 2 technology, 2 whatever... Which is highly competitive. And isn't favorable. You compare yourself with other authority blogger without understand how they works to achieve such success.. See what you should check before starting a competitive blog.
•Some started there authority blog with were lesser competition[Google favor them]
• There spent well on target traffic
• There highly social
If you don't have much funds you can start with blogger
• find a profitable niche
•Get a domain here: if you a Nigerian click to buy from DOMAINKING HERE
• from my loyal reader's outside Nigeria click to buy from HOSTGATOR
•Get a premium theme
•Setup your Blog
If you can't create a WordPress blog


You can make money with online captcha entry website. Find a Captcha entry website that pay you to type. You can earn $0.5 to $1.50 per 1000 captcha solved. To understand more on how you earn with captcha entry typing read Make Money with captcha entry |Earn $2 to $5 daily.

3: Graphics Designing
Graphics Designing is quite profitable. It's a skill I"l students to venture into. From banners, logo,flyers etc Graphics designing does it all.

How to earn from graphics designing
• Learn graphic designing from an expert or practice your self.
•Advertise your service
•Get job from micro websites like fiverr or offline.

4: Freelancing
We all know about freelancing. I"l give a brief details. From selling of service, article writing, podcasting and more. That's freelancing. How to earn from freelancing
•Learn a skill
•Display your service on, micro website, personal or business blog
•Get the job done
•And earn.

5: Web Designing
Learning web designing is quite technical for newbies. The demand is high which makes it very profitable.

How to earn from web designing
• learn a programming language
•Display your service on, micro website, personal or business blog
•Get the job done
•And earn.

6: Pay per download [PPD]
Pay per download [PPD] can earn you big. All you need is register with a trusted PPD network like sharecash upload files to your dashboard and share the link for public download. Per download pay you $1 do the calculation your self.

How to earn Pay per download [PPD]
• Register with a trusted Pay per download [PPD] network.
•Upload files to your dashboard and get a direct link
•Send traffic to your link
•Your unique files get download
•You get paid
ShareCash is the original and highest paying pay-per-download network that allows you to monetize content and files and receive around $1, sometimes up to $20, per download you receive.

7: URL shorten

Ever heard of adfly and
Linkbucks ? There URL shorten websites not just any shorten URL. They pay you each time a person is been redirected to your shorten link.

How to earn with shorten url

•Register with adfly or
• Get any engaging post URL copy and paste the link and shorten URL
•Share the shorten link on Facebook,twitter,forum or any real human traffic source.

SIGNUP for adfly or


Selling ebooks is educating and lucrative. You can sell ebooks on your website. if you don’t have a website you can sell on this premium websites for free..

Royalty per Sale[100%]

ii: Amazon Kindle Direct publishing
Royalty per Sale[35% – 70%]

iii: Booktango
Royalty per Sale[100%]


iv: eBookMall
|Royalty per Sale[50%]


If you are really gifted academically why not make a good use of it?
How to earn from e-tutor jobs.
Search through the internet for e-tutor jobs apply for
them. Select your specific course combination. Start with any of this e-tutor ,, etc)
•Start your own website
•promote your skills on forums, social networks, amongst friends, or via any other traffic source.
• How much you're earn depending on agreement. Am sure its not less than $4-20 an hour.


You love photographing? This is an opportunity for you make huge income by selling good quality photos online. Search for this websites Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Fotolia, Stockexpert, Clustershot,corbis. Registration is free.
Note:Each stock photography website has it own different rules and guidelines. There all have strict rules about ownership and copyright issues on any photographs you submit.
Video logging is get popular and profitable daily. The reason why I love video logging cause, it's educating, problem solving, and it's a reliable source of income. YouTube gets over
•1 billion + unique visitor per month.
•6 billions hours of videos watched each month. That mean more videos everyday and more money to make.

How to earn with video logging
• Create a YouTube account or find any video logging website.
• find a niche
•Search for problem in your niche
• Make research and create a unique video.
• Tag your video with keywords
• monetize your video
• And see the money flow in.


You speak a foreign language fluently? Earn with this skill.
How to earn with translating job.

• register with fiverr or any
• display your service
• check our your competitors in your niche and copy there description and keywords... It will help rank you.
• wait for a message
• complete a task and get paid.

Get paid to take survey or view ads most survey pay you about $0.45 per complete survey... Do the calculate your self. Here are 3 trusted survey website you should join.



14: Soccer Betting We're all know of football betting. It's a win or lose game.... People bank it big with football betting..
• Find legitimate betting company to join like NaijaBet, bet365,Ladbrokes,Bovada,TopBet,BetOnline,JustBet, Bookmaker
•Do your soccer research and bet wisely.

15: Sell your unwanted stuffs
Sell your used stuff on classified ads website anything likegadgets, cloth, cars and more. Register with any of this websites to sell.

16: Sell music or beats online

You a beat producer or artist? Why not sell them and earn. Register with this websites to sell.

I don't really know how much you can earn. But some offer 100% royalty payout. Am not in music probably infuture I might try this and share my experience with you.

17: Multi-Level-Marketing [MLM]

Ever heard of network marketing [MLM] before? According to Wikipedia: Multi-Level-Marketing
is force compensated not only for sales they generate, but also for
the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. Am sure you know of Trevon, Helping Handing and the rest.
How to earn from MLM
• Join one MLM company
•Attend there seminar's you be taught how you create sales
• Make people join your MLM company
• you get paid everytime your refer buy or refer another.


As of now writing this post 1 Bitcoin is worth $760. Have earn over $100 through mining and solving captcha.
How do you earn with Bitcoin
•Create a Bitcoin address i recommend or xapo
•Click on this links below to Register and start Bitcoin mining. I use these website to earn Bitcoin I"l advice you to signup....Possible all to expand your earning.

When you starting mining please feel free to send Bitcoin to my address

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

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Make Money with captcha entry |Earn $2 to $5 daily.

This is my first money making online [MMO] tutorial on this Blog.
Am going to show you how you can earn $2 to $5 with Captcha entry websites.
What you going to learn

•What is Captcha entry
•Eligibility To Participate
•Benefits of captcha entry
•How to make money with captcha entry.
•Captcha website's to begin with

What is Captcha entry

CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that only humans can bypass.
You must have seen this captcha entry on most website.. It looks like this

Eligibility To Participate

•Anyone can join captcha entry.
•No country limitation
•You internet connection speed should be at least 512 kbps. If you have slow internet connection you might get banned
•Some website require members that can type captcha with 15 seconds. Note: if you you can't solve captcha with 15 seconds don't join.

Benefits of captcha entry
•Quick Payout
•You can work from home
•Suitable for teenagers and students
•Captcha Work free registration
•There's no limitation i.e you can work any time you like

How to make money with captcha entry

To make money with captcha it quite easy. Find the best captcha website and join them. Most people bank $100 to $200 or more monthly. You only need to spent hours on captcha typing daily to earn $2 or more daily.. No pain no gain.

Captcha website's to begin with

1: 2Captcha

2Captcha is one of the best Captcha typing website to earn. You get around $0.5 USD to $1.5 USD per 1000 solved captcha. Minimum payout start from $0.5 USD.
no commission charged for withdrawals: so you get exactly what you’ve earned.
Payment method: You can withdraw your earning to your WebMoney (WMZ), Payza, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. SIGNUP HERE

According to ProTypers Our top Typers earn between $100 TyperCredits and $250 TyperCredits each month! Our payment rates start from $0.45 To $1.5.
How much you earn depends on the amount of work that you do.
Here is a little TC i earn from ProTypers

Would have earn money if am not busy. If you got free leisure time.. Use it you can earn even more

The longer you spend on Captcha typing the more cash you earn.
Payment method: Are sent through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union.

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